Case Study - Scott & Kristen

Are you thinking of selling your home? 

Have you had your property on the market previously and it didn’t sell, or it is still on the market and you are becoming frustrated?


Earlier this year, Scott and Kristen found the perfect property to buy.  They signed the contract, enlisted an agent to sell their property and like most people in this market, thought they would sell quite quickly. They needed a quick sale to ensure they secured their dream property on acreage. However three months later they were left feeling frustrated when their home was still unsold and their dream unwinding.


“We had our house on the market with another agent, we weren’t really seeing the results we wanted. We really urgently needed to sell our house because we had our eye on another house. We saw the way Mat & Shelley were marketing and we thought that it would really suit our house” –  Scott & Kristen 


When Mat & Shelley from Touch Residential were contacted by Scott & Kristen there was a number of concerns raised about their current experience with another agency. These included…

♦  They had paid nearly $2000 in marketing fees but they were unsure what they were getting for their money.

♦  An assistant would carry out the open homes instead of the lead agent.

♦  Lack of communication from the agents.

♦  The agent wanted to drop the price $30,000 – $40,000 lower. 

♦  No real marketing strategy.


Scott & Kristen were frustrated.

In some cases, vendors get one shot at selling their property for a premium price, because the longer it sits on the market, buyers now believe two things about the property – it is overpriced or there is something wrong with it.

But what if they simply didn’t get the right service previously?


“When we listed our house on the market with another agent we were paying very high marketing fees and we weren’t really sure where our money was actually going. We are not sure it was used in the most effective way. When Mat & Shelley took over they gave us a detailed breakdown of where our money was going and how they were going to market our house” –  Scott & Kristen 


Our Plan…

Mathew & Shelley sat down with Scott & Kristen and tailored a plan to get their house sold for a premium price in a timely manner.  This was the plan to attract fresh buyers…

♦  The property would be taken off the market for a couple of weeks and relaunched with fresh photos. The property had been on the market for 3 months and active buyers were familiar with it. In the case that we may have wanted to use the previous photos, the previous agent instructed that a fee of $200 would have to be paid even though Scott & Kristen had paid for them previously. Quite ridiculous!

 The property was marketed by the previous agent at $437,000. Towards the three month mark the agent wanted to reduce it to “Offers Over $399,000”. We believe the pricing was incorrect from the very start in regards to the sales that had been occurring and adjusted the list price to “Offers Over $419,000” for our campaign.

♦   We tailored a marketing campaign that was cost effective and would reach as many people as possible. This included professional photos and a floorplan (excellent for interstate investors), colour postcard flyers to attract local attention, and targeted facebook marketing to attract fresh buyers from other suburbs.

♦  The property would be relaunched initially on Facebook with Sneakpeek’s of the property to test the marketing and to start to attract new buyers and attention on the property.



This simple first advertisement showcasing a beautifully landscaped property with a fantastic entertaining area went to approximately 9,400 people. This is the power of social media at its best with 27 people sharing it to their networks.



The second advertisement showcasing the kitchen, bathroom and living areas went to 6000 people and another 13 shares. At this point we have not even listed the property on the real estate portals yet, but we have put it in front of 15,000 people. Probably more people than the previous campaign in its entirety!


At this point the property was listed for sale…


The property was launched on the real estate portals and a third advertisement was put on Facebook. Once again an overwhelming response with over 9000 people reached and an amazing 53 shares. This is the massive potential of Facebook; it is as easy as clicking a button to like or share something or tag somebody that may be interested.

What you are seeing here is the power of target marketing. We can sponsor these ads to a specific gender, age, location, interest and so many more things. Most agents want to advertise your property in the newspaper, however it simply is not as powerful as social media marketing and also, far more expensive!

♦   Touch Residential has a different approach to open home duration. While the recent trend is to move towards 15 minute open homes, we are actually staying open longer. We have 1 hour open homes on weekends as well as midweek and private inspections which gives the opportunity for us to speak to everybody that comes through and respect the buyers giving them the time and attention they need. We made ourselves available when buyers wanted to see the property. If we needed to show a buyer through on a Sunday, we did. 


“They do one hour open homes which is a huge bonus. We did mid-week open homes, weekend open homes and I think the marketing on Facebook played a huge role in that…” –  Scott & Kristen 


We sponsored our open home times on social media – this time to another 6,500 people.



It was at this mid week open home, 15 days after the property went on the market that it went under contract for $428,000. We had four serious groups attend with three of them making offers and forcing a multiple offer situation. It shows the power of being available for buyers on their time. Most agents wouldn’t be bothered opening a home up at lunch time on a Wednesday.

30 days later the property settled and Jeff & Danielle were given the keys to their new home. They were so happy with the process. Scott & Kristen were able to move into their new property and as you can see in the video above, their second attempt at selling was much better than the first.



So why are we different?

♦   We sit down from the very beginning and tailor a plan to selling your home. We don’t move forward until everyone is on the same page and understands the process.

♦   We are a small boutique business – in fact a business of 2! – we do not have a franchise mentality, we care about you and want to give you personal service each and every time.

♦   We put together an affordable marketing budget that is cost efficient and very effective.

♦   We use modern marketing. We know where people’s attention is and we bring your home to them.

♦   We make ourselves available for you anytime as well as your buyers. No 15 minute open homes!

♦   We communicate with you at every step of the process.

♦   We are building a successful referral business on honesty, trust, commitment and hard work.


“We cannot thank Mat & Shelley enough for all the hard work they put in to sell our house. The result was fantastic and we are so excited to be in our new home finally! We would recommend them to anyone, we already have been talking about them to friends and family and anyone who asks us who sold our house.
We would certainly be using them again. TEAM TOUCH!” –  Scott & Kristen 


Do you know anyone looking to sell? If you refer us a client and we list and sell their property, we will pay you a referral bonus of $500 on settlement. We are building a strong referral business and would love your support.


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